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CM Flagships
Data Range2017-2023
CM Hakselgi Tengbang
  • 1,94,568Total Treated Beneficiaries
  • 232Total Amount Spent(Cr)
Data Range2020-2021
Go To Village
  • 93,438Total Beneficiaries
  • 8Total utilized Amount(Lakhs)
Data Range2021-2023
CM Shotharabasingi Tengbang
  • 28,527Total Beneficiaries
  • 30Total Disbursed Amount(Cr)
Data Range2017-2022
Start-Up Manipur
  • 9,821Total Beneficiaries
  • 76Total Disbursed Amount(Cr)
Data Range2022-2023
School Fagathansi Mission
  • 120Total School Enrolled
  • 1,41,743Total Student Enrolled
Data Range2020-2022
IAS 500 Scholarship Manipur
  • 400Total Beneficiaries
  • 4Total Scholarship Amount(Cr)
Data Range2021-2022
Covid-19 Affected Livelihood Support
  • 6,276Total Beneficiaries
  • 2Total Treated Amount(Cr)
Data Range2020-2022
CM Artiste Sing Gi Tengbang
  • 2,848Total Beneficiaries
  • 10Total Disbursed Amount (Cr)
Data Range2022-2023
  • 13Total Applications(Lakh)
  • 85Total Approved (in %)
Data Range2022-2023
District Meeyamgi Numit
  • 3,239No of Grievance Received
  • 920Grievance Resolved on Spot
Data Range2022-2023
War on Drugs 2.0
  • 601Total no of Cases
  • 395Poppy Field Destroyed (in Acres)