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Start-Up Manipur

The Government of Manipur has launched the ‘Startup Manipur’ initiative to promote sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities in the state of Manipur. Under Manipur Startup Policy 2018, various incubation centres were set up by the state government to promote the growth of at least 1,000 innovates technology-based startups throughout the state.

The operational period of the Manipur start-up scheme is for five years. The scheme commences from 1st January 2018 and ceases on 31st December 2021.

Objectives of Startup Manipur Scheme

  • To strengthen the start-up culture in the State by fostering greater social acceptance and recognition of promising start-ups, through strategic investment, policy interventions and such other programmes.
  • Encourage and inspire the youth of Manipur to actively consider entrepreneurship as a career choice by including appropriate learning modules, developing relevant entrepreneurship development programs in vocational institutions, and supporting outreach programs, interactions with entrepreneurs, e-cells and entrepreneurship development centres across educational institutions in the State.
  • To support and strengthen existing business incubators & accelerators in the State.
  • To encourage setting up new business incubators in the State in collaboration with private sector.
  • To continuously provide enabling mechanisms to start-ups, through training and skill development, capacity building, networking, access to knowledge & support services, etc.
  • To implement a supportive regulatory framework that enables hassle-free and time bound statutory clearances for all start-ups.
  • To provide appropriate infrastructural support required to enable start-ups to set up and grow rapidly.
  • To create a platform for accessing multiple avenues that provide financial support to start-ups in Manipur, like grants, bank loans, fiscal incentives, etc.
  • To create enabling environment and supporting eco-system that facilitates 1000 start-ups in next five years.

Enabling Environment

All enterprise depends upon the social, political and economic conditions of the state. Keeping this in view, an enabling environment has to be created that helps entrepreneurs to expand their business activities. Also, this helps in facilitating new partnerships with professional and vocational institutions of state to reach out with improved accessibility for new startups.

Under this pre-idea stage, the state government will cover the following activities
  • To create a Network of Entrepreneurship Development Centers (NEDC) in universities and institutes of Manipur.
  • To facilitate the NEDC partner institution to incentivise entrepreneurship.
  • To promote capacity building of NEDC partner institution through collaboration with leading business incubators in the state.
  • To submit a performance report to the state government for extending support of the Government.
The below following are the steps carried out by the state government for the incubation of the entrepreneurs.
  • To recognise the importance of business incubation for economic development and job creation for the younger generation.
  • To assist in creating business incubators in the state and to enable them to incubate various startups.
  • To facilitate setting up of new incubators in public an private sectors and also it will facilitate in setting up of incubation centres in institutions of advanced learning and other leading establishments of the Government.
This stage involves the development of a product or prototype. Under this stage, the following are the points that will be carried out:
  • The state government will facilitate access to Research and Development labs and resources.
  • Access to technology for the startup will be facilitated by the partner institution to guide during this stage.
  • To facilitate the creation of a state-wide mentor and expert network for startups. The startups will be able to access state-wide mentor and expert network throughout the stage of the startup.
  • The Innovation Enabler Mechanism (IEM) will assist startups by getting regulatory support in the form of enabling legislation from the Government on a fast track mode.
  • Access to a network of registered venture capital funds.
  • Providing investors to select the project from the database that they would be interested in funding.
  • The digital platform will connect all the eco-system stakeholders, network of support, funding and service providers to enable seamless access.
9821Total Beneficiaries
76Total Disbursed Amount(Cr)
51808Total Applicants
Below data is for (2017-2021)
wdt_id Year As on Date Category Round No of Applicants No of Start Up selected No of Start Up benefited Total Project cost in Lakhs Subsidy per Beneficiary Total Sub Amt Disbursed lakhs
1 2017-18 08/02/2022 Revenue 1 211 44 30 1,438.14 30 431.44
2 2018-19 08/02/2022 Revenue 2 275 42 23 1,196.47 30 368.97
3 2017-18 08/02/2022 ESS 1 0 108 102 304.00 Rs 3 lakh 304.00
4 2018-19 08/02/2022 ESS 2 0 177 122 366.00 Rs 1 lakh 122.00
5 2017-18 08/02/2022 Idea 1 517 200 183 376.50 Rs 3 lakh 376.50
6 2018-19 08/02/2022 Idea 2 3,691 579 467 1,020.00 Rs 3 lakh 1,020.00
7 2019-20 08/02/2022 StandUp 3 988 171 46 3,540.43 30 1,043.43
8 2020-21 08/02/2022 Idea Covid Support 4 11,608 4,831 4,789 1,436.70 Upto Rs 1 lakh 1,436.70
9 2020-21 08/02/2022 Stand Up 4 181 55 1 408.00 30 184.58
10 2020-21 08/02/2022 Revenue 4 350 93 9 526.25 30 168.17
11 2021-22 03/03/2023 Revenue 4 498 192 25 1,193.97 upto 30.00 777.92
12 2021-22 03/03/2023 StandUp 4 301 154 11 405.64 upto 30.00 120.59
13 2021-22 03/03/2023 Idea Covid Support 4 16,594 4,781 3,984 1,434.30 0.3 1,195.20
14 2021-22 03/03/2023 Idea 4 16,594 50 29 150.00 3 52.50
Year As on Date Category Round No of Applicants No of Start Up selected No of Start Up benefited Total Project cost in Lakhs Subsidy per Beneficiary Total Sub Amt Disbursed lakhs