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“Loumisingi Paojel” a Mobile-based Agro-Advisory Service

Loumisingi Paojel is a project jointly implemented by the College of Agriculture, CAU, Imphal, Digital India Corporation, New Delhi, funded by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India (MeitY).

The goal of the project is to keep farmers updated about the latest techniques, news, rules, and regulations about farming, poultry rearing, livestock, etc. through mobile phones. Since almost all the farmers or farmers’ family are having phones (either smart or feature phones), the service can be accessed easily.

Districts To Be Covered by Project

  • Imphal East
  • Imphal West
  • Thoubal
  • Bishnupur
  • Kakching

8000 farmers will be selected from five districts depending upon the number of farmers in the villages.

However, interested farmers from other districts can also consult with the experts regarding their farm-related issues. (The process is discussed later for unregistered farmers).

How Farmers can make use of the Mobile-based Agro-Advisory Service?

Most farmers’ fields are remotely located and it becomes quite difficult to get timely advice from the experts. With the mobile-based agro-advisory service, farmers can easily talk to their relevant experts just by using their cell phones without leaving their farms.

The mobile-based advisory will also provide a fast mode for sharing and exchanging desired knowledge from experts. Since it is mobile-based, Subject-Matter Specialists can also get information from the farmers immediately which will help in providing advisories in time.

It is cost-effective in comparison to other modes of giving advice. The service will assist in making well-informed decisions based on accurate weather conditions, information about the market, and demand for any particular product.

Services Provided by Loumisingi Paojel

The Broad area of agro-advisory services includes:

1. Crop Advisory Services (for major agricultural crops in Manipur)

  • Crop Planning
  • Variety Selection
  • Nursery Management Practices
  • Scientific Cultivation Techniques
  • Post-harvest and value addition etc.

2. Animal Husbandry Advisory Services (Piggery, Dairy, & Poultry, etc.)

  • Livestock production management practices along with vaccination
  • Deworming
  • Disease Management
  • Processing & Post-harvest handling
  • Marketing

3. Fisheries Advisory Services

  • Scientific aquaculture practices along with disease management
  • Water quality parameters
  • Value addition product of low value fish
  • Composite fish farming system
  • Different fish-based integrated farming systems
  • Fish seed production

4. Advisory System for

  • Water Harvesting System
  • Maintenance and repairing of important agricultural implements e.g. tractors, power tillers, sprayers, dusters, aerators, etc.

5. Others

  • Information on seeds, seedlings, organic manure, bio-pesticide, farm implements, disease
  • Weather forecasting
  • Financial (banking, loan, and crop insurance)
  • Awareness of various agricultural allied schemes and training
  • Demonstration of advanced farming technologies

General Problems Faced by Farmers in Manipur

There are several difficulties confronting the agriculture sector.

Some of the problems faced by farmers that reduce high productivity in Manipur are as follows:

  • Slow agricultural growth due to underdeveloped infrastructure in the hilly terrain of the state
  • Lack of irrigation
  • Acidic soil
  • Low yield for many agricultural commodities
  • Low-level of farm mechanization
  • Low production due to poor land efficiency
  • Lack of agri-marketing opportunities
  • Lack of proper storage facilities
  • Inefficient finances
  • Lack of technical knowledge
  • Low awareness about technological advancements available in areas for climate-smart agriculture

Who can Register for Loumisingi Paojel?

Any farmers who have a mobile phone and are interested in availing advisory services on Agriculture, horticulture, livestock & poultry, and fisheries may register.

How to Register for Loumisingi Paojel?

Farmers can register themselves in the Loumisingi Paojel project by calling the toll-free number 1800-102-3141 and providing the required information including personal details about their farms, crops, fish, livestock, etc. to the project team.

Each farmer will get a unique Identification Number (ID). If you want to know your ID number and your registered mobile number, you can give a missed call at 022-4046-3146 or 022-6852-3146 to get an SMS that will show your ID number and mobile number registered with Loumisingi Paojel.

All the transactions will be recorded in the database.

Or you can contact Loumisingi Paojel, Advisory Laboratory, College of Agriculture, CAU (Imphal), Iroisemba, Manipur-795004.

You can also visit the website: https://m4agri.dic.gov.in/# to get more details.

Benefits of Registration:

  • Can receive a personalized advisory from experts referring to your farm, fish pond, and animal details
  • Can interact directly in your language with the experts for which you have subscribed (Agriculture/Horticulture)
  • Can send photos and videos of any problem in your crops, farm animals, and fish pond by mobile and get expert advisory.
  • Get regular need-based messages (Text and voice) in Manipur
  • Can share your farming experiences with other farmers and also listen to other farmers’ experiences Toll-free.
  • Can get assistance from our Field Coordinators for sending images of your Agriculture or Horticulture, animal, or any other fish-related problems.

How to Get Advisory for Registered Farmers?

  1. Call from your registered mobile number to Toll-Free Number 1800-102-3141
  2. Press the relevant key to speak to an expert. For example, if you registered for the fishery, livestock, and agriculture then:
  • Press 1 to speak to an Agriculture expert
  • Press 2 to speak to a Horticulture expert
  • Press 3 to speak to a Livestock and Poultry expert
  • Press 4 to speak to a Fishery expert
  1. To give feedback on the advice received
  • Press 1, if satisfied
  • Press 2, if not satisfied

Other Services :

  1. Call from your registered mobile number to Toll-free Number 1800-102-3141
  2. Press 9 for ‘Other Services

Listen to your ‘Past Advice’

  • Press 1 to listen to past conversations held with the experts

Listen/Record ‘Good Practices’

  • Press 2 to record or listen to good farm practices, then:
  • Press 1 to listen to the good farm practices recorded by your fellow farmers
  • Press 2 to record your good farm practices to share with your fellow farmers

How to Get Advisory for Unregistered Farmers?

  1. Call from your mobile number to Toll-Free Number 1800-102-3141
  2. Press 5 to select the Manipur language
  3. Press 1 to connect with our expert for registration
  4. Talk to our expert and give your personal and farm details. Subscribe on which you need advisor- Agriculture & Horticulture, Livestock & poultry, and fishery.
  5. You will get a confirmation SMS on your registered mobile number
  6. Start calling from your registered mobile number